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Top Shelf Modern

Top Shelf Modern

Total Fitness Resistance Bands | Complete Home Gym | Up to 330lbs/150kgs | Heavy Duty Resistance Bands

$349.99 $259.99

330LBS/150KG Total Resistance
257LBS/117KG Total Resistance
176LBS/80KG Total Resistance
132LBS/60KG Total Resistance


Don't let closed gyms stop you form reaching your training goals and earning the gains you deserve! With our set of Total Fitness Resistance Bands you can tailor your workouts for home or on the go and hit each and every muscle group on your body including your lower body and legs. No bench or squat rack? No problem with this revolutionary Total Fitness Resistance Bands set you can blast every muscle group on your body and build pounds of lean muscle while burning fat!

Comes with everything you need to increase strength, build muscle, and tone to achieve all your fitness goals - Stack-able up to 330lbs/150kgs - For Resistance/Weight Training, High Intensity Training, Crossfit, Physical Therapy, Home Workout, Yoga, Pilates, and more!

  • Natural Latex PVC tubes strong 
  • Camouflage jacket to block are and delay breakage
  • Premium metal for endurance and high load capacity
  • Soft comfortable handles
  • Metallic double D-ring for stability
  • Premium Metal buckles for quick attach and release 

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