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9 Facts About Men Every Woman Should Know

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9 Facts About Men Every Woman Should Know

9. Men consider bad dreams to be a calamity,

Popular themes of bad dreams experienced by everyone are usually about health issues, personal disputes, or death. But the University of Montreal conducted a study of over 10,000 dreams and discovered a distinction in the bad dreams of men and women. The bad dreams experienced by men are usually accompanied by severe floods, earthquakes, calamities, and battles directly from movies. Men usually wake with feelings of fear and shock from these kinds of dreams. But women experience bad dreams that revolve around more interpersonal disputes than men

8. Women squat while men bend over when picking up an object

Did you observe that women squat while men bend over when picking up an object on the floor? Of course, this is not the same for everybody but it is usually very common for most individuals. A possible explanation is that most women wear clothes that are tighter and uncomfortable which might require them to squat instead of bending over. Men's clothing is usually loose that makes bending over very easy

7. Men prefer women that look healthy and have a nice shape

Blanca Ortega-Roldán Oliva, a remarkable scientist from the University of Granada indicated in her research that men love healthy-looking slim women. We are not referring to those who don’t fall ill but those having a very healthy appearance. This implies that men are more attracted to a healthy partner that can nourish a child without any issue and not the fictitious belief of beauty. This means that many men are more attracted to sensually appealing, voluptuous women.

6. Men prefer compliments from other men.

You might imagine that men are more inclined to acknowledge praises from the more attractive side of humanity but this is usually not the case. It might come as a surprise that men prefer to be applauded by men without considering sexual identity. Robert Herbert from Binghamton University revealed that men will accept compliments from anyone, but they only appreciate up to 30% of them. However, when a man receives a commendation from another man, he will consider it very pleasant and boost his confidence.

5. Men are friends through their interests.

An article from Robert E. Riggio that gave an evaluation of friendships among men and women concluded that common interests are the basis for friendships between men. Men enjoy the company of those they share similar interests such as play poker, golf, or watch sports together with. Women become friends with those they have an emotional connection with which implies that emotions and support for one another are the basis for friendships in females.

4. Men eat more...a lot more when in the presence of women.

This is one of the unusual behaviors common among men. Regardless of how strange it appears, the fact remains that men tend to consume more when having lunch or dinner with women. For instance, Kevin Kniffin, Ph.D. from Connell University concluded in his research that men consume 86% more of salad and 93% more of pizza than they would consume when accompanied by men. According to him, men do it just to create an impression of strength. 

3. The lifestyle of a man hinges upon his IQ

A team of scientists from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm carried out an exciting study and discovered that the level of a man’s intelligence determines his standard of living. This will determine if he will be an alcohol addict or not. Experts analyzed the data from about 50,000 Swedish nationals given birth to between 1949 and 1951. The outcome from the study indicated that men with a low level of intelligence tend to drink to the extreme. Although, there are correlations that men with emotional issues also abuse alcohol. However, experts believed that those living a healthier lifestyle have a high level of intelligence.

2. Men lie A LOT more than women do.

In 2009, Twentieth Century Fox for home entertainment conducted a survey before releasing the Show titled “Lie To Me” and discovered that the average man tells about 6 lies every day to his partner, boss, or colleagues while women can only do it 3 times every day. This implies that men tell twice as much as every lie told by a woman. And popular lies they tell are usually “Its alright, I’m fine.” Although these lies may be very simple but you need to think twice whenever your man tells you work was okay

1. Men spend a whole year staring at women.

Many husbands and boyfriends will never agree to this fact but many of his friends are well aware of this. The result from a survey of 3,000 people carried out by the employees of Kodak Lens Vision Centers reported that men look at 10 different women at least 43 minutes every day. This makes a total of 259 hours (11 days) every year. It means that men spend 11 months, 11 days staring at women between the ages of 18 and 50.

Women are more disciplined at staring at men for only 20 minutes every day. This implies that women spend only half the time spent by men on this activity between ages 18 and 50.

Do you agree with these interesting facts about men? Do you have some that you would add to the list? Please let us know in the comments.

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