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4 Irresistible Non-Physical Qualities Men Love In Women

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4 Irresistible Non-Physical Qualities Men Love In Women

No matter how good looking you look - sensual butt, legs up to your ears or the entire works – your sense of humor will always light the room up before the rest of you. At a party I attended a long time ago, I found my friend in the kitchen chatting with her boyfriend, while my other friend was out there, hooking up too. There I was doing nothing, stuck as the wallflower…. so alone

One guy who was dating a friend of mine came over and asked, “what are you doing alone?”

“Nothing much, just the same old story” I told him

He said, “Sweetheart, you are pretty, I bet guys would be willing to approach you if you smiled a lot more.”

I scowled at him because I’ve heard this story again and again, and it’s so patronizing and sexist. But then when we look at the basic science, there’s something about smiling a lot more, it simply gives others a positive vibe and attracts them to you. Obviously, no one wants to be told how they have to act or look, but surely, these give insights into what men find attractive. But a man isn’t going to approach you for your physical qualities if these non-physical traits aren’t there. So, here we go, let’s talk about those non-physical traits, men find attractive.

1. Show "your" sense of humor

As said earlier, your sense of humor is vital to your personality. A 2006 study shows that it is precisely the same, whether you are a man or a woman. Women want a man who can tell a joke, make her laugh, or lighten the mood. Men want the same things too. Being able to be playful about things can make you more approachable. It even goes beyond intimate relationships, to your family, friends, and colleagues. Men also love that you can laugh at their jokes or have fun times with them, even when they are not particularly funny. The ability to laugh, when you find their jokes terrible, shows that you appreciate the gesture and aren’t uptight about having a good time.

2. Having a positive or happy outlook

According to one study, happiness is “the most attractive female emotion.” No matter your physical qualities, when you smile and look happy, your eyes light up, and you look beautifully radiant. That, in turn, makes you more approachable and less intimidating. Guys would look at you and feel that you may not reject them. Sure, they are used to being rejected, but they won’t approach you if the rejection is written all over your face. Even if you are uncomfortable at first talking to a stranger, making an effort to smile and be happy, helps both of you find comfort and may increase the level of attraction.

3. Be Yourself

People love it if you are confident enough to be yourself. No one person likes a pretender, and men indeed won’t find it attractive. You don’t have to put on a mask each time you relate with others. Your emotions and behaviors are all a part of you. Hiding them away sure seems safer, but it never is. If you want to build a lovely long-term relationship, while hiding your true self, you are only courting disaster. That’s because one day you will get tired of that facade, and become bitter and resentful for not being able to show your true self.

Men love authenticity, and this even transcends to your makeup. Recent research published in Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology shows that women wear lots of makeup because they feel men find them attractive. However, the reality is entirely different. Men, in fact, want to see the true you. They are mostly put off by makeup that makes you look different from who you are. Sure, they appreciate the effort you make to make yourself presentable. But that gesture would mean a lot more if they don’t feel as though there are “two of you” in one person. So less is better, and in turn, your skin will thank you for it.

4. Invest in yourself

Self-care is vital to living a fulfilled life, and even while you search for that dream man, you should be all about pouring yourself into yourself. That means you should know how to have a lovely time alone. You don’t need someone else to feel loved. Guys don’t like clingers, these are women who don’t take care of themselves, or develop their own interests, hobbies or friends. Don’t get stuck in the mindset that you need someone to “complete” you. Make an effort to take good care of yourself. Exercise if that’s what you want. Go out on adventures. Travel and eat healthy. Even more, take the time to have fun. Be joyful, happy, and fulfilled because only you can give yourself those things. You must realize that you are worth being taken care of, so you must be kind to yourself. This applies, whether you’ve made mistakes or had a bad day. You must always remember that you are worth having good things in your life. Do the things you love or find them, and your man out there will appreciate you more for it.

The bottom line, snagging an attractive man for yourself begins from within you. So, if it looks as though you aren’t getting what you want, maybe it’s because you feel as though you aren’t worthy. So, work on those non-physical traits. Smile more, build your sense of humor, be confident, and never be afraid to make a life of your own. Hopefully, with the tips in this article, you can begin doing things differently, and who knows you just might get what your heart desires in only a little while.

Did you enjoy our list of 4 Irresistible Non-Physical Qualities Men Love In Women? Do you have some that you would add to the list? Please let us know in the comments!

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