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13 Fun and Interesting Facts About Women

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13 Fun and Interesting Facts About Women

Let’s face it, do we really know much about women? The tremendous number of videos, books, and articles that focuses on understanding women skipped the biological facts that surround the female gender

  1. Women can distinguish colors and shapes on an average of 20% more than men. This is the main reason men and women don’t see eye to eye when it comes to colors


  1. Women are prone to suffer more from the damaging effects of alcohol due to a higher chance of liver disease as well as a higher death rate from liver cirrhosis (severe liver damage).


  1. Discoveries from various scientific groups report that women that look fertile are usually more attractive. This implies that men are more attracted to women that have given birth, avoid the use of contraceptives, or have developed into an appealing feminine figure.


  1. Do you know the average number of lipsticks women have consumed from foods and licking their lips throughout their lifetime? That’s about 4 pounds. Which translates to 533.76 lipsticks


  1. Women are usually less probable to take risks. Women have a larger anterior cingulate cortex (an area responsible for thinking carefully about choices) than men. Some scientists believed that this is a way of evolution suggesting that women are the best fit for leadership and caretakers of the group.


  1. Women love making their men fat. Most women usually activate a “care” mode that will make them want to over feed their partner (with the aim of developing their partner into a warrior by her side). A cognitive intention could also be to make other women find their partner less attractive


  1. Style Over Comfort. Society and Media are tailoring women to meet some recent societal standards. Previously, women bound their feet to reduce the size as an expression of beauty. Today, the expectation for women to create a prominent appearance continues which has established the need for women to sacrifice comfort for style.


  1. Women have a finer sense of smell than men. This elevated sense of smell in women has helped them to survive and collect the proper foods for the family due to their instincts as gatherers.


  1. Women have smaller brains than men. The female brain has a 9% reduction in size but the brain cells are more closely packed resulting in no cognitive difference.


  1. Women are excellent innovators. For many years, women have been recognized for the invention of non reflective glasses, disposable diapers, foot pedals, trash cans, refrigerators, life rafts, kevlar, car heaters, dishwashers, fire escapes, and many other inventions.


  1. Heels were primarily created for men. However, heels were later integrated into a fashion trend for women to imitate high ranking and masculine men.


  1. Women are good at determining if someone is telling the truth or not. They are excellent at deciphering gestures, faces, and impressions from someone’s voice. This makes them excellent in conversations and leading a social group


  1. Women generally live longer than men. The difference between the lifespan of women and men can sometimes be up to 10 years. However, the average difference throughout the world is between 2 to 3 years.


We've obviously only scratched the surface when coming to understand the fairer sisde of humanity. We hope you enjoyed our list of fun facts, which onеs were your favoritе? Please let us know down in the comments.

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